Activities of the Initiative

The main activities of our Cameras Everywhere Leadership Initiative include:


  • Advocating to technology companies and human rights activists about key recommendations emerging from our networks, campaigns and research;
  • Developing autonomous tools through WITNESS Labs such as the Secure Smart Camera App, a collaboration with the Guardian Project;
  • Promoting understanding and facilitation of informed consent as well as how to conceal identity and provide for visual anonymity;
  • Encouraging the use of tools to provide authentication and context for human rights video as well as efficient ways to aggregate and share it;
  • Promoting effective policy solutions; and
  • Cultivating additional support among foundations and donors for the use of video in human rights campaigns via strong-evidence based research on impact.


Learn more about the Cameras Everywhere Leadership Initiative through videos, publications and blog posts listed below. And stay tuned for a report to be released in spring 2011 with a series of recommendations for technology providers, human rights organizations, philanthropists and policymakers. Media inquiries about the report should be directed to J. Coco Chang, Senior Communications Manager.

Cameras Everywhere Report 2011

WITNESS’ Cameras Everywhere aims to ensure that the thousands of people using video for human rights can do so as effectively, safely and ethically as possible.

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December 3, 2013 - By Sarah Kerr
What if our devices could capture and store more information in our media? What if we could help media makers make their material trustworthy? WITNESS is excited to announce that we are very close to...

The App that Authenticates SmartPhone Photos (FR)

Source: Radio France Interationale | February 11, 2013

Radio France Internationale reported on InformaCam in their radio broadcast, as well as their print website. 

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Sam Gregory on WAMU's 'Kojo Nnamdi Show' Radio Panel

Source: WAMU Kojo Nnamdi Show | February 5, 2013

Sam Gregory was a featured panelist on the radio show, discussing "the different ways innovators use crowdsourcing today while asking what obstacles still could be limiting its potential." 

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Human Rights group wants to put an end to fake mobile images and videos

Source: The Daily Dot | February 1, 2013

"But now one group is trying to bring a little more transparency to the process with a new app and metadata standard that promises auto-verification of a photo's legitimacy." This article about InformaCam interview Bryan Nunez about WITNESS's innovative app. 

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