Part 2: Choose the Right Tools

This 2-minute video is Part #2 of the 5-part "How to Film Protests" series. It focuses on choosing and learning your equipment. It profiles the pros and cons of mobile phones vs. video camcorders.
Mobile phones are less expensive, more accessible, less noticable, and they make it faster and easier to share content on the internet. However, they have limited memory, limited battery, poor image and sound quality--and not least of all, they are easily trace-able by authorities.
Video camcorders provide better-quality audio and video (particularly in low light), better battery life, zooming, and better auto and manual options. However, they are bigger, more noticeable, more expensive, and more difficult to use.
Whatever you choose, always set the date/time/location before you film. Know your settings. Bring supplies with you, including extra batteries, extra memory/tapes, a note-pad, and a charger. You might also bring an external microphone and a monopod or tripod.
REMEMBER: if you can't run with it, don't bring it.
This series incorporates the best practices WITNESS has developed with over 300 partners in 80 countries who are using video for human rights documentation and to create lasting change.

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