On the Frontlines: Child Soldiers in the DRC

On the Frontlines was created by Ajedi-ka and WITNESS to advocate for the cessation of voluntary recruitment of child soldiers in Eastern DRC. The video features powerful footage, shot between 2003 and 2004, of the military training of children in several militia camps in South Kivu as well as compelling testimony from demobilized child soldiers recounting the horrifying memories of life as soldiers. More than 10 militia groups operate in the region; every one of them has been reported to be using children as soldiers. Over 35% of these children are recruited voluntarily, led by a sense of patriotism or by ideas of prosperity. Parents and the community at large are often involved in this voluntary recruitment of children. On the Frontlines has been screened throughout communities in Eastern DRC in an attempt to cease the voluntary recruitment of children from these communities.

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