Sevil Miyhandar, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, CCS

09 Jan Sevil Miyhandar

Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, CCS Sevil Miyhandar is Corporate Vice President and Managing Director of CCS. She has experience working with non-profits from all sectors, including national and international civil liberties and human rights advocacy and service NGOs. She has assisted her clients
Sara Federlein, Associate Director – Foundations

08 Jan Sara Federlein

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Sara Federlein, Associate Director – Foundations Sara has sixteen years experience in nonprofit development, administration, planning and outreach together with a strong interest in the intersection of social issues and visual media. She oversees a foundation giving program which

08 Jan Juan Mendez

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Juan Mendez He is a native of Argentina, has dedicated his legal career to the defense of human rights and has a long and distinguished record of advocacy throughout the Americas.
Sam Gregory, Program Director

07 Jan Sam Gregory

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Sam Gregory, Program Director Sam Gregory helps people use the power of the moving image and participatory technologies to create human rights change. He is Program Director of WITNESS and he also teaches the first graduate level course at Harvard

07 Jan Rebecca Lichtenfeld

Rebecca Lichtenfeld is a Brooklyn-based human rights advocate, producer, and Director of Social Impact Media for the Bertha Foundation. The Bertha Foundation connects activists, storytellers, and lawyers to fight for fundamental social and economic change. Guided by the belief that media and the arts can

Brown Johnson

07 Jan Brown Johnson

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Brown Johnson Brown Johnson is a visionary and innovator in the world of children’s entertainment. Nickelodeon’s ground-breaking pre-school block, Nick Jr. is her brainchild. She is responsible for producing hundreds of hours of high-quality, diverse, interactive, educational programing—and for

06 Jan Joichi Ito

Joichi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab He is the Chair of Creative Commons, on the Board of the MacArthur Foundation, on the Board of Trustees of The Knight Foundation, and co-founder and board member of Digital Garage an Internet company in Japan. He

05 Jan Matisse Bustos Hawkes

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Matisse Bustos Hawkes, Associate Director, Communications and Engagement Matisse leads WITNESS' communications, media relations and manages our strategic efforts to reach influential networks of human rights advocates, activists and more with our tools and resources. Prior to WITNESS she
Miyoko Brunner, External Relations Senior Coordinator

05 Jan Miyoko Brunner

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Miyoko Brunner, External Relations Manager Miyoko manages WITNESS’ External Relations department, which includes all aspects of individual and corporate philanthropy, communications and events – such as the Focus for Change Benefit. Prior to WITNESS, Miyoko has worked on fundraising
Steve Grove, Director of Partnerships, Google+

05 Jan Steve Grove

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Steve Grove, Director of Partnerships, Google+ Steve leads Google’s efforts to grow Google+ through partnerships with influential organizations, media companies, brands, and public figures. Previously he built the news and politics division of YouTube, including CitizenTube, a channel that


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