07 Jan Gael García Bernal

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Gael García Bernal An actor nearly all his life, Gael García Bernal began performing in stage productions with his parents in Mexico, and made his major feature film debut in Alejandro Gonzalez´s Amores Perros, which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film

06 Jan David Mendels

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} David Mendels David Mendels has helped build and lead several of the most innovative software companies of the last 25 years. Most recently, he was CEO of Brightcove, the leading software-as-a-service online video platform, delivering over 200 years of video

06 Jan Abigail Disney

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Abigail Disney Abigail Disney is a filmmaker and philanthropist. Her longtime passion for women’s issues and peacebuilding culminated in her first film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell. Abigail created the groundbreaking PBS mini-series Women, War & Peace, the

05 Jan Michael J. Hirschhorn, Secretary

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Michael J. Hirschhorn, Secretary Michael Hirschhorn is a non-profit strategy consultant, primarily in the fields of education, human rights, and leadership development. From 2008 – 2014, he served as the Executive Director of the International Human Rights Funders Group

05 Jan Matisse Bustos Hawkes

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Matisse Bustos Hawkes, Associate Director, Communications and Engagement Matisse leads WITNESS' global communications, media relations and supports strategic partnership development and our efforts to reach influential networks of human rights advocates, activists and more with our tools and resources.
Miyoko Brunner, External Relations Senior Coordinator

05 Jan Miyoko Brunner

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Miyoko Brunner, External Relations Manager Miyoko manages WITNESS’ External Relations department, which includes all aspects of individual and corporate philanthropy, communications and events – such as the Focus for Change Benefit. Prior to WITNESS, Miyoko has worked on fundraising

05 Jan Brian Byrd

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Brian Byrd, Program Officer, Special Projects Fund, New York State Health Foundation Brian Byrd has considerable experience in the global health and human rights field, working for organizations such as CARE, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Rockefeller

04 Jan John Hass

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} John Hass John Hass was named interim president and chief executive officer of Rosetta Stone in April 2015 after serving as a director on the Rosetta Stone Board the previous year. One year later, Mr. Hass assumed those roles

04 Jan Ronit Avni

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Ronit Avni Ronit Avni is an award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, media strategist and human rights advocate. She is the founder of a new social enterprise, LocalizED, which will channel the untapped expertise of diaspora professionals back to their communities-of-origin through an online

03 Jan Peter Gabriel, Chair

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Peter Gabriel, Chair Peter Gabriel is best known as a musician. He started his solo work in 1975 after leaving his old school group Genesis. He has released eleven solo albums and written soundtracks for three films. In 1980

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