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Our mission: to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to use video and technology to protect and defend human rights

Right now, the majority of the world’s population has a camera in their pocket and people everywhere are turning to video to document and share accounts of abuse. But all too often, they put themselves at risk when when filming, and their videos don’t make a difference.

Twenty-five years ago musician and advocate Peter Gabriel had a vision: that the power of video could change the world. And in 1992, WITNESS was born. We are a human rights organization that provides training, guidance, and tools to people around the world so that they can use video and technology to protect and defend human rights.

We stand with and directly support vulnerable communities to tell their stories and stand up for their rights. We support people who are documenting and countering acts of hate, or activists helping to protect immigrants’ basic rights, or citizen witnesses building databases of video to expose systemic police misconduct. Around the world, we’re sending a message to perpetrators of abuse that we are watching them.

Our story is one of partnership and ceaseless innovation. As video technology continues to evolve at an astonishing pace, WITNESS has advanced with it at every step. We develop new methods and tools to benefit and protect activists in this ever-changing landscape. We collaborate with technology companies to make their products and platforms work better for activists and concerned citizens, to create change at the systems level.

Using our techniques, our partners have documented evidence of war crimes, changed discriminatory laws, secured justice for survivors of gender-based violence, and protected indigenous lands against extractive industries. We advocated to YouTube to restore videos showing potential war crimes committed in Syria that were deleted due to their graphic content. And we’ve co-created an app that allows citizens to verify their footage, increasing the chances of it being trusted and used for good.

After 25 years building networks and alliances, WITNESS the leading partner and innovator in the use of video for human rights. Technology has made all of us witnesses and we are committed to scaling our vision for a world where anyone, anywhere can use video safely, ethically, and effectively to create change.

WITNESS Board Expansion

Now more than ever, human rights are under threat around the world and WITNESS is growing our efforts to respond to the needs of activists everywhere. WITNESS is expanding its Board of Directors to reflect and achieve this ambitious vision. At a time like this, it is not business as usual: we need to strengthen our network so that we can effectively support those on the ground fighting for change.

Key Attributes

Who do we need to make our vision a reality? We are looking for people who are passionate about human rights, media, and technology. People who are excited to volunteer their time and expertise to govern, inspire, guide, advise and function as connectors to resources, both financially and in-kind, for an impactful and innovative human rights organization. People who want to collaborate with and join a group of dedicated staff and Board members.

Ideally, you’re based in New York, Silicon Valley or in one of our key regions outside the U.S. (Asia and Pacific, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa) and have both the time and capacity to join a high performing team  in the fight for human rights. You are in a place to make WITNESS a philanthropic priority and strategically open up your network to connect us to allies and partners, whether they be in the realm of innovation, media, noise making, fundraising, storytelling, technology or beyond.

You choose to be solidary with and serve those who are most excluded from power, so that their videos and their voices lead directly to action and accountability.

First and foremost, we are seeking active and passionate individuals who can help us harness the power of video to protect the truth and universal human rights.

Will you join us? Contact: Yvette@witness.org for more information.

This is an unpaid position.



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