According to the United Nations, over 68 million people worldwide have been forced to abandon their homes, communities, families, and life as they know it. On World Refugee Day, we at WITNESS recognize these individuals’ strength, valor, and persistence in their fight for their communities, for human rights and for justice.

Each day, across all of our regions, we are making sure that marginalized voices are heard through dynamic storytelling. Through our partnerships with local grassroots organizations, we provide trainings and free resources for safe, ethical, and effective video advocacy.

Here, listen to one of our partners, Patrick Otim from the Refugee Law Project, talk about the power of video and how it helps him continue his impactful work with refugees:


We particularly want to amplify the voices of refugees around the world who control their own narrative and the way that they are represented across borders. We truly believe in the power of video and technology and how it can be used to amplify refugees’ voices during a time when their stories of courage and community are often co-opted with misinformation, dehumanization, and hate. Today let’s help change this. Today, let’s #standwithrefugees.

Share these resources to make sure that the right voices are heard:


Help WITNESS amplify the voices of immigrants and marginalized communities globally, and to create human rights change


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