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By supporting WITNESS, you are taking action by using your voice to help expose the truth, generate awareness, and join the fight for justice and accountability, all in the name of human rights.

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Join WITNESS on November 9 for A NIGHT FOR CHANGE as we celebrate the power of anyone, anywhere to use video and technology to protect and defend human rights.

We’ll inform and inspire you with an evening filled with powerful stories from Baratunde Thurston, Cleo Wade, Emily May of Hollaback! our executive director Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, a musical performance by Paperwhite, and music to dance to from DJs Stiletto (aka Mari Malek) and Bounce Castle.

Learn more about how WITNESS is supporting activists to use video to share stories and create change in the United States including
– collaborations with LGBTQ groups to capture critical video data on violence against the transgender community;
– training activists from Standing Rock to Brooklyn to film for evidence and build archives of bystander video for use in investigations;
– and supporting immigrant advocates to document abuses and counter inaccurate public perceptions.

You can help put powerful stories to work for human rights. Join us on November 9 to find out how!

Our partners at Coletivo Papo Reto report that every 11 minutes, a black youth in Brazil is killed. Take action by sharing their message on your social timelines.














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The power of video can bolster the fight for human rights change

I am a Witness and the world watches with me

I support @witnessorg because they will ensure that more video = more rights

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