03 Mar Martin Tzanev

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Martin Tzanev, Video Technology Specialist Martin Tzanev is a video professional with skills spanning production, post-production, media management and archiving. Since 2007 he has acted as assistant editor for WITNESS' productions. He has participated in the building of the

25 Feb Tingo

Tingo Tingo is a Batéké (bah-teh-keh), or Congolese Hunting Dog. He hails from the village of Mvoula, just north of the equator in the Republic of Congo. As a puppy, Tingo met a researcher who was working with a team of local educators on a

24 Feb Greg Stamper

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Greg Stamper, IT Manager Greg has over 13 years of experience in IT, Desktop Support, Mac Engineering and Administration. During his career he has worked with some of the nation's top publishers including Condé Nast, Hearst Magazines, and Macmillan

22 Jan Laura Salas

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Laura Salas, Regional Coordinator – Latin America and the Caribbean Laura is currently the Latin America regional coordinator at WITNESS. She has over fourteen years of experience in community work, especially on communication projects. She has directed over a dozen audiovisual
Hyunseok Seo, Finance Coordinator

21 Jan Hyunseok Seo

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Hyunseok Seo, Senior Accountant Seo supports the organization’s programs and operations as well as conducts general accounting works and preparations for the Annual Audit. He was born and raised in South Korea and earned his Bachelor of Business Administration

21 Jan Arul Prakkash

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Arul Prakkash, Program Manager for Asia and the Pacific Before joining WITNESS, Prakkash served as the executive director and senior program staff member of Pusat Komas, a human rights and popular communications NGO in Malaysia. Prakkash has a background

19 Jan Susan Sarandon

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon is an Academy Award-winning actor best known for her portrayal of Sister Helen Prejean in the film "Dead Man Walking." She is also well known for her commitment to human rights.
Yvonne Ng, Senior Archvist

19 Jan Yvonne Ng

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Yvonne Ng, Senior Archivist Yvonne supports all activities of the Media Archive and blogs frequently about issues facing human rights archivists. She has worked with audiovisual collections at the New York Public Library, NYU Libraries, and the Canadian Filmmakers
Priscila Neri, Senior Program Manager

17 Jan Priscila Neri

.category {display: none;} .info {display: none;} Priscila Neri, Senior Program Manager Priscila is a Brazilian journalist and activist. She joined WITNESS in 2008 and currently oversees the organization's work in Latin America, including our critical response project on using video to demand accountability for police
Tim Robbins

16 Jan Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins Tim Robbins ranks among contemporary cinema's most acclaimed and provocative voices; a multifaceted talent, who has acted, written, directed and produced films including Dead Man Walking, Shawshank Redemption, Mystic River, The Player, Bob Roberts, Short Cuts, Bull Durham, Jacobs Ladder, Hudsucker Proxy, Code


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